SanaView Farm Wedding | Champion, PA | Kaska + Bill

From the moment I met Kaska and Bill, I knew they were something special…

After chatting back and forth through some emails and battling a few scheduling conflicts, we finally met at the Bloomfield Farmers Market to discuss their plans for a Labor Day Weekend destination wedding the following September.  It was late October, 2017 and at the time, I was also waiting tables at a little bar and restaurant in Morningside, called the Bulldog Pub.  My mom and I lived just down the street in the same home where I grew up.


Bill happened to work for Jeff, one of my favorite, regular customers!  One night at the pub, Jeff and his wife Jen mentioned that they’d passed along my business card to some friends getting married.  I was newer to the business and always appreciated a referral.  Little did I know, they had introduced me to two people who would greatly impact my life and for that, I am forever grateful!

Kaska and Bill have this rare and indescribable kind of energy that draws you in immediately. As if their smiles weren’t enough to do it, their vibrant spirits have a way of igniting a fire inside of each person they meet.  I felt right away that God brought us together for a reason.

We grabbed some coffee from a local vendor and snagged the only free table we could find.  It happened to be directly in the sun, so we had a hard time seeing the screen of my laptop, which listed my videography packages.  It didn’t matter.  It was a perfect Fall day!  We talked and laughed and got to know each other, despite the fact that we’d all forgotten our sunglasses on what seemed to be the sunniest day of the year. 

I think sunshine follows Bill and Kaska everywhere they go!


As they described their vision, my mind filled with ideas!  They told me about the antique, Depression Era Glassware they’d found and planned to use as a focal point for their rustic/vintage decor.  I realized quickly that Kaska and Bill were “go big or go home” kind of people. Who needs to rent tables and chairs for 200 guests, when you can build them yourself?!  The future Mr. & Mrs. Barringer are born entrepreneurs and came up with a plan to build their dream wedding from scratch and then customize the weddings of other couples wanting the same look!

Together, they cannot be stopped!  Their relationship is built on a foundation of friendship and support.   They challenge and inspire one another to reach their fullest potential.  In a way, they did the same for me.  It is with great honor and privilege that I accept each opportunity to document happy milestones in the lives of my clients, but Kaska and Bill inspired this extra kind of drive in me to create something magical for them to cherish for a lifetime.  Their passion for each other and excitement to begin their married lives together overwhelmed my heart and soul!

Bill and Kaska trusted me to take the creative lead over directing and producing their film, however, they did have one request.  They wanted a drone to capture the true beauty and magnitude of the landscape that would set the tone for their epic celebration.  Back then, I didn’t have my own drone, but I had no doubt in my mind that 11 months would be plenty of time to find an assistant who could help with that!

A few months later, I was introduced to Alex Mowrey.  I mentioned to a friend that I was looking for an awesome secondary shooter with drone capabilities.  Thank goodness she suggested Alex.  I followed him on Instagram and instantly fell in love with his portfolio!  Luckily, he was willing to work with me, so I locked him in for the big day.  As we approached September, Kaska, Bill and I decided together that in order to encapsulate the grandeur of their day in a film, we needed an extra hand.  My good friend and go-to second shooter, Brandon McMillan came to mind, and made the perfect addition to our team.

Fast forward to September 1, 2018.  Kaska and Bill had invited me to attend and document their rehearsal.  I was thrilled to be able to spend some time with them and their friends and family in the hours approaching the long anticipated event.  Although I had already mapped out a plan of attack for the following day, seeing their venue with my own eyes certainly solidified my confidence in the plans I’d dreamed up.


I was invited to dinner at the amazing vacation rental home Bill discovered on a nearby lake to host a their guests the evening before the wedding day.  Of course, they generously welcomed me to help myself to their homemade wine and the delicious Polish and German themed dinner their families put together to represent each of their heritages.  I didn’t want to leave!  None the less, I returned to my hotel to prep my equipment.


I had a feeling the excitement would keep me up all night, but to my surprise, I slept well and woke feeling refreshed and ready to begin!  I stayed in the same hotel as most of the Barringer and Komosinski families.  Running into them at the continental breakfast after meeting them the day before filled me with extra excitement for the party I knew was about to begin!

I arrived early at SanaView farm to set the scene with some detail shots of the preparations.  Although most brides leave the day-of coordinating to the help, Kaska was there until the very last second, adding her finishing touches.  Once Bill arrived, she was forced to sneak out before he got a look at her.  Bill, of course got straight to work and didn’t leave to shower or get ready until it was almost too late.

I followed Kaska to her designated house with her bridesmaids and the rest of the girls.  Alex tagged along with Bill and the guys. Brandon arrived at SanaView just before the guests.  All of our bases were covered, but my nerves were building quickly.  Their ceremony in the pines was going to be breathtaking and I’m not going to lie; the excitement and anticipation for Kaska’s walk down the isle had me a little anxious.

I made my way back to the farm ahead of the girls to set up some extra cameras in the ceremony space.  With a team of three, there would be no excuse to miss anything!  It’s my job to freeze these milestones in time and to recreate the emotion experienced in those precious moments.   The faith my clients place in me to preserve their memories is deeply humbling and it is with great honor that I accept the responsibility.  It’s even more awesome when I’m trusted and able to bring in a reliable team to help me capture a large event!

The sun was was shining all day long for the newlyweds and things couldn’t have gone more smoothly!  Jaye Thompson of Thompson Events, did a fantastic job of single handedly coordinating the entire event!  You’ll see her everywhere in film,  running around and keeping things on track.  She never stopped and even kept the bonfire burning all night long!  

After their spiritual ceremony, the Barringer’s guests embarked on a short journey from the pines to the barn where they were welcomed by John Tucker band who kicked off the party with some live music.  After a quick photoshoot with Wanderlust Images, Kaska and Bill danced their way into the party.  Guests cheered and congratulated them as they cut their gorgeous, macaroon covered cake and waved at friends and family who had travelled from 25 different cities to be with Kaska and Bill on their wedding day. 

The love that night, could not be contained!   

Shortly after their grand entrance, a team of chefs prepared and served a delicious dinner beneath the stars, just in time for sunset.  I couldn’t have imagined a more magnificent setting for Bill and Kaska’s first meal as a married couple.  Spread about the venue were cocktail and coffee stations, beer trucks and cigar bars, wine fountains, a photo booth.  They filled the farm with comfy rustic seating areas lit by endless hanging string lights and even set up a fire pit with s’mores! 

Kaska and Bill had thought of everything!

The evening didn’t follow the traditional timeline of events that I’d experienced at several other weddings.  There was no waiting around, just good times to be had in every little corner of the farm!  Kaska spent much of the night visiting each station and thanking everyone who played a part in bringing her vision to life.  Eventually, she shared a dance with her father and Bill took to the center of the dance floor with his mom.  Earlier that day, their dad’s kindly pushed my car out of a ditch I’d embarrassingly driven into on my way to meet Kaska for hair and make up.  I already felt like part of the family!

As the sun set and the main events had passed, my heart filled with joy, relief and just a pinch of sadness that a day I’d envisioned for so long had gone by so quickly.  I couldn’t imagine how Kaska and Bill must have felt!  I was excited to get home and begin editing, though!  I had a beer, danced a little and said my goodbyes before driving an hour home to Pittsburgh.  When I arrived to my empty, South Side apartment, I unloaded my gear, unpacked my cameras, pulled out the SD cards and started backing up the files!  I put together a quick trailer to share with Kaska and Bill the next day.

In the next few weeks, seven more wedding would fill up my September calendar, putting a halt on the post production process.    Little did I know, helping these high school sweethearts to relive their wedding weekend would eventually be one of the most fulfilling things I’d do in my life.

In my younger years, long before the thought of becoming a wedding videographer had even crossed my mind, I fell in love with the art of wedding cinematography.  I’d watched hundreds of wedding films and overtime, developed an urge to create some of my own.  Now, I’ve worked with more than 40 couples and have viewed each wedding as a learning experience.  Each couple I’ve met holds a special place in my heart and I’m so grateful for all of them!

That being said, Kaska and Bill designed and hand crafted the wedding of my dreams as a cinematographer.  To be included in the planning process from so early on, and to finally see their film come to fruition has been surreal.  I’ve been dreaming up this film for nearly a year and a half.  Watching it for the first time from start to finish, moved me to emotions beyond words.  Let’s just say I cried… a lot! 

“They’re happy tears, don’t worry!” – Kaska

Kaska and Bill are two of the warmest and most radiant humans I’ve ever met and I hope to continue a friendship with them!  They’ve been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning.  Experiencing and sharing their love story has been the highlight of my career, thus far.  May they enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the entire process!

Thank you!

Venue:  Sanaview Farms, Champion, PA

Florist:  Sanaview Farms

Hair:  Abby Walsh Motive Salon

Make Up: Noelle Horton of The Beauty Box

Ring:  Jared Jewelers

Dress:  Blanc De Blanc Bridal

Jewelry:  Kata Banko Couture

Wedding Coordinator:  Thompson Events

Tent Rental:  Windswept

Tables, Chairs, Decor:  Kaska and Bill Barringer

Live Music:  John Tucker Band

Photographer:  Wanderlust Images

Transportation:  The Sublime Shuttle

Cake:  Mediterra Bake House

Caterer:  Nino’s Restaurant and Chief Taylor Westbrook

Beer Truck:  Jablonsky Beer

Servers:  RG Event Staffing

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