Mount St. Peter’s Church + Veltre’s Event Centre | Plum, PA | Kristen + Brendan

Kristen came into Brendan’s life at the perfect time.  Right away, their friends and family knew there was something truly special about their relationship.  Together, they became stronger.  Hearing their story through the voices of their friends and family confirmed what I gathered about Kristen and Brendan during our first meeting.  I could tell instantly that these two are genuinely good people with really big hearts!

We met back in November of 2017 for drinks and appetizers at Walnut Grill in Aspinwall, PA and these two insisted on paying for my beer!  I was pleasantly surprised that Brendan wanted to be involved in wedding planning!  I love when I have the chance to meet both the bride and groom during the booking process.  I could see a spark between Brendan and Kristen that filled my mind with visions of a wedding day I knew would be magical.

The couple began their married journey on September 15, 2018 at Mount Saint Peter’s Church in New Kensington, PA.  They prepared for their celebration at separate hotels just across the street to be sure they wouldn’t run into each other before the ceremony.  Thank goodness they didn’t! Brendan’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride appear at the end of that church aisle goes down in history as one of my all time FAVORITE wedding moments!

They exchanged traditional vows during a spiritual Catholic ceremony and went in for their first kiss before exchanging wedding bands!  The passion in their eyes was undeniable.

The newlyweds made a quick stop in Oakmont for some photos with their bridal party before heading to a gorgeous reception at Veltre’s Wedding and Event Centre in Plum.   A look of pure joy washed over their faces as they entered a room full of friends and family cheering and celebrating their love.

Every moment of this day made my heart happy!  It’s been an honor working with Brendan and Kristen and and I’m so excited to share the highlights from their incredible wedding!

Ceremony: Mount St. Peters Church in New Kensington, PA

Priest: Monsignor Michael J. Begolly

Reception: Veltres Wedding and Event Centre in Plum

Videographer: Shannon Chavez Production – Assisted by Alex Mowrey

Photographer: Indie Danielle Photography– Danielle Bruckner
(Love Danielle’s work!)

Entertainment: DJ Mark Rambo (Highly recommend!!)

Florist: Fairview Floral Shop

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