Amusement Park Engagement Session – Pittsburgh, PA

OH MY GOSH!!!! After this engagement session, I want to go to Kennywood for all of my photoshoots!  Okay okay, that would be a little crazy, but it was the perfect setting for this one!


When I first met Sarah and Christopher, I could tell they were an easy going, fun loving couple.  They’ll have been together for a decade by the time they get married on the last day of May next year!  They’re planning a daytime Sunday wedding at Heinz Chapel with a reception on the University Club Rooftop Terrace with games and fun activities set up for their guests.

We had to find a setting for their engagement shoot that would show off their personalities!  After all, Sarah is a professional improv comedian, so we couldn’t choose anything too moody or serious.  After going back and forth with some different ideas, we settled on Kennywood Park and I couldn’t wait!


We lucked out with a perfect Sunday evening.  Pittsburgh weather in the Spring is unpredictable, so we were physced to see the rainy forecast turn to sunshine.  When we arrived, Chris very generously paid for my Night Rider pass into the park, which was way too kind of him and totally unnecessary, but greatly appreciated!


We had so much fun exploring the park together, finding cool spots for their photos amongst the crowd of other Kennywood goers.  Sarah was wearing heals and the cutest polkadot, overall style dress.  Super brave for a night at an amusement park, but I’d say it was worth all of the compliments she received while we were skipping around.

These two were so popular, that a group of kids even stopped to take a photo with them!


The crowd didn’t distract from Chris and Sarah’s love for one another.  I loved watching them make silly faces and laugh and play together all night as if they were the only ones in the park.  Their connection can be seen from miles away!

I’m so glad Sarah and Chris hopped on the Turtle and the Parachutes before the end of the night! Their facial expressions on the rides were priceless and I was so happy my camera shutter closed fast enough to catch them.


Of course we had to make a quick stop to play some games in the arcade!

We waited for the sun to set and the park to light up before heading back towards the Goodnight heart at the exit tunnel and got so many great shots before the night was over.

These two couldn’t have been sweeter!  I’m thrilled that they’ve chosen me to document their wedding day and a night like this leading up to it.  Thank you Chris and Sarah for an amazing night!!


Counting down until May 31, 2020!


Congratulations Chris and Sarah!  You guys are the best!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Their love for each other is so perfectly captured in the pictures. My wish for them is to always enjoy each other to the fullest!

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