Honey Tans Pgh | Creative Branding Session

When Colleen reached out to me to book a Creative Branding Session for her new mobile, organic spray tanning business…

I screamed from the rooftops with excitement! 

Excitement for her and excitement for Pittsburgh, because this city could totally use a service like this!

I was thrilled for this opportunity to work with two super inspiring female entrepreneurs who double as teachers… soon to be principles!

Colleen and her future sister in law, Nicole are go getters and they like to keep busy, so they spent their Summer vacation hustling, becoming certified tanning artists, curating a thoughtfully crafted marketing plan and launching an ingenious service that’s helping a ton of people!

These bad-ass boss babes fire me up and I had a blast celebrating their success during this super fun golden hour session!

Col and Nicole wanted to look and feel their best for their debut photoshoot, so they booked Glam to Go!  A fellow female owned, traveling beauty biz also based in Pittsburgh.  #womensupportingwomen 

They snagged some adorable desserts from Peace, Love and Little Donuts, popped a bottle of Champagne and threw a little shindig to shine some light on this major accomplishment and kick start a new season of life with high energy and good vibes!  

The day after our session, I couldn’t wait to book a tan!  I hopped on to the HoneyTans website and got an appointment for the next morning.  In less than 24 hours, Colleen showed up at my door, popped up her booth, sprayed me down and packed up within 15 minutes!!! 

I was astonished!! 

The next morning, I rinsed my bronzer, looked in the mirror and my jaw dropped!  I had never felt so beautiful in my entire life! A glowing, natural and organic tan without spending hours baking in the sun?!

To think about the damage I’ve done to my skin over the years with the bottles of baby oil and my days in the tanning bed…. SMH! And who has time for that anyway?! 

Honey Tans uses organic, vegan and hypoallergenic products to provide their clients with glowing skin without the damaging effects of the sun! 

I am beyond happy for Colleen and Nicole!  These girls are going places and I’m honored to have played this small role in their story.  


p.s. For my brides, Honey Tans offers group discounts, so grab your bridal party and throw a little tanning party before your wedding day events!


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