10 things you probably don’t know about me! #7 will make you giggle

  1. 1. I will eat anything! I wasn’t always that way, but dating Alex definitely helped to expand my taste buds.
  2. He’s a hunter, so of course, I had to try venison and it turned out to be really yummy!!!! Who knew?! I think it helps that Alex is a great chef!!!
  3. Now, I love salmon and scallops and olives and horseradish and just about everything that I can get my hands on! Cooking together and trying new foods is one of our favorite things to do together!

Alex does the grocery shopping. If I go to the store, I stray way too far from the list, so thank goodness he doesn’t mind it!!! We cook Monday – Friday and eat out on the weekends… besides our Aldi frozen pizza every Sunday.

Every year for Valentines day for the past 6 years we’ve made our own Surf n’ Turf with steak and lobster tails!

Yes, we may sounds boring, but we thrive on tradition and routine!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

2. I’ve played a million instruments, but never kept up with any of them. Giving up the piano is definitely one of my biggest regrets. I love to say I don’t have any regrets and that “everything happens for a reason,” but that’s such a cop out!! When I seriously start to think about it, and ask myself… are there things in my life that I could have done differently? The piano would definitely be on that list, but hey… it’s never too late to pick it back up, right?!

3. I don’t know how to ride a bike. I never learned as a kid, and trying to learn as an adult is nearly impossible! Children are fearless. Now, I’m terrified of falling and breaking an arm! I’ve tried a few times over the past decade or so and I can go straight, but when it comes to turning or stopping, I freak out and crash! Honestly, it’s a pretty hilarious sight to see!!! I’m the clumsiest human on the entire planet! Walking is hard enough for me to get right, so I’d say I’m better off keeping two feet on the ground.

4. When I was little and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d say I wanted to be an Eat n’ Park waitress. My Pap loved Eat n’ Park, so we were regulars…. come to think of it, my mom and I have kept the tradition alive! I just loved how kind the waitresses were to my Pap and how happy it made him when they remembered his order and teased and joked around with him! They impacted his life in such a meaningful way!

Be kind to your servers!!!

5. My favorite job ever, besides what I do now….

Being a campus tour guide for Duquesne. I loved college and I loved telling potential students how much I loved it!! I spent four years working for the Admissions Office, even during the Summers. I must have given thousands of tours over the years!!!

The other tour guides became my very best friends and we caused our fair share of trouble together. We had a blast each and every day and made the fondest memories!!

6. I am a die hard Smiler! My best friend Cody and I love Miley Cyrus! Like really LOVE her! Like more than a normal amount. Actually, it’s kind of a creepy amount…

We’ve got matching tattoos, we’ve seen her 3 times in concert and counting! As a gift, Cody bought me front row seats and VIP passes to see Miley in 2016 and during that show I actually got to hand her a gift that we brought for her. Miley’s music brings us closer together and for that, I’m forever grateful!!

7. When Alex proposed on the Andy Wharhol bridge, I was so shocked that I responded by saying “Shut the F*** up!” Really romantic, huh?!

See for yourself….

We were even featured on a show called Right this Minute because it was so funny!!!

8. I am obsessed with anything witchy! Charmed, Sabrina, Practical Magic, you name it! To this day, I still believe that I have magical powers and that I can will things that I want into existence. Alex thinks I’m a witch and I love it!!

Growing up, my mom always encouraged me to believe in magic. She would go above and beyond to keep my belief in the tooth fairy and the easter bunny alive. She would scratch doors and come down the stairs with a garbage bag over her head to scare me and my friends when we were watching scary movies. She’d buy me spell books and crystals and we’d do spells together!!! We both believe we’re psychic! We’d constantly play the game where I’d think of a number and she had to guess.

She would always guess right!!

This could also be a part of why Alex and I are so into Halloween, but I think it’s mostly just because we love dressing up….

9. Someday…. I will win the title of Soul Survivor. I have a feeling that 2022 is my year!!!

Reality TV is my favorite… especially Survivor and it’s been my dream since Season 1 to be on the show!

10. I’m half Irish! My mom is 100% Irish! We never miss a St. Patrick’s Day parade. If you live in Pittsburgh and you’re a human, you’re Irish on St. Patricks day and you must drink at least one cup of green beer!

I’m also 1/8 Mexican, 1/8 Cuban 1/8 Italian 1/8 Polish. You bet I played that hispanic card on college applications!! I also like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and if you haven’t seen the movie CoCo… it’s a must!!!!!!

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