My Second Family. My Saving Grace

A bright light in the darkest hour of my life.

After college, I moved to Fairmont, West Virginia for a job in TV news. I was working the early morning shift (midnight-10am) as an anchor and reporter in Bridgeport, about 2 hours South of Pgh.

At the beginning, I didn’t mind the weird hours, but soon enough, the sleep deprivation set in, and a sense of loneliness washed over me.

Yes, my hard work had paid off. I’d realized my dream of becoming an on-air television personality, but at what cost?

I missed my life at home, I longed for friendship and family…

and I was flat-out broke.

Going into it, I knew that $22k a year would be tough to budget but quickly realized I’d need to find a way to make more money if I wanted to afford the monthly hair appointments and an acceptable wardrobe for TV.

So, I signed up for and within 72 hours, found the Skidmore’s.

Annabelle was 5 at the time and Reese was just 4 months old. These little girls and their sweet parents became my world.

My saving grace.

They gave purpose to my days and kept me going.

When I put in my two weeks at the station, I seriously considered moving into the Skidmore’s garage apartment and becoming their full-time nanny.

Tears streamed down my face as I drove away after that very last afternoon with my girls.

As ready as I was to move home to Pittsburgh, I was heartbroken.

Thank goodness Kim and Josh have continued to invite me along for the weddings, birthdays, soccer games, and annual slumber parties.

I’ve had a chance to get to know their hilarious little Lukey, the newest member of the family, and have fallen head over heals for his gigantic personality.

This Fall, I made my way back to WV for photos at their new hemp farm and it was so freaking cool to see all they’ve accomplished, despite this crazy year.

I’ve looked up to Kim since we met, not just as a fashion icon, but as a strong, female business owner. Not only is she an incredible mom, but she owns a successful consignment shop in Fairmont!

Having her around as I’ve made this leap away from news and into running my own business has been tremendously valuable.

The love, hospitality and support they’ve so graciously shown me over the past five years has made a greater impact on my life than they’ll ever know, I’m sure.

I just love them so much and I’m deeply grateful.

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