Hi, I’m Shannon!!

I believe that each and every person in the world is born with a purpose.  We’ve all got something uniquely special to offer one another and I believe that when we find what we’re good at, we should share it with our people!!!

We’re a part of something a whole lot bigger than ourselves and when we work together with the greater good in mind, we’ve got a chance to make a difference.

I’m deeply thankful for the community I’ve found in the pursuit of my passions and I’m full of joy knowing that I’ve got so many supportive and loving friends in my corner.   I’m here for you and I’d love to connect!! 

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Let’s cheer each other on and celebrate the wins TOGETHER!

I would be honored to serve you.

Thank you so much for being here!!!! Chances are, if you’re looking to book a session, you’ve got an upcoming milestone to celebrate, so congratulations!!! I’m jumping for joy for you and all the wonderful things happening in your life!!!

If you’ve already reached out, THANK YOU! I look forward to learning all about you! Please keep an eye out in your inbox for a fun little questionnaire I’ll be sending over to collect some more info! 

I’m currently accepting inquires for weddings and proposals in 2022. If you haven’t yet, please fill out the contact form on the “Let’s Chat” page to get the conversation started.

It’s super important to me to get to know my clients on a personal level.  Like seriously, if you book me, you’re getting roped into being my friend for life! 

I just opened up a rental space in Pittsburgh that’s the perfect spot to stay for wedding weekends, proposals, intimate events, and restful getaways near city parks and views! Check us out on Instagram @EurekaStudioPGH!

I’ve also got a new open concept selfie booth that’s been so much fun popping up at events! Yes, you and your guests can record video messages and capture boomerangs!

I’ve got an intern running my social media accounts for me these days and she’s doing a really great job of keeping everyone in the loop so be sure to follow along on IG at @ShannonChavezProduction for the latest news and giveaways!

Lastly, I have to let you know about a passion project of mine that’s been totally energizing me at the start of this year!!! I believe that we as human beings have the power to manifest the lives of our dreams and I’ve come up with a step-by-step system to help you streamline the process! Click here to gain access to tons of FREE resources and a virtual community to lean on as you pursue your life’s purpose! ​


If it sounds like I might be able to help you with anything, CLICK HERE to get the conversation started!!! Keep in mind that it could take 3-5 business days for me to get back to you due to a high volume of inquires, but if you haven’t heard from me after a while, kindly check in again, just in case your first message got lost in translation!!!   

Once I know a little more about you and your needs, I’ll send over a custom proposal!!! If all looks good and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll schedule a zoom call or a coffee date and go from there!!! I hope I can help you bring your vision to life!!

In the meantime, please subscribe anytime for weekly emails curated by me to keep you in the know and leave you feeling full of energy and ready to chase your dreams with reckless abandon! 

I can’t wait to get to know you!!! Have the best day ever! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my Photos + Videos be delivered?

Final edited images are shared through a link to a downloadable online gallery.  Prints and keepsakes can be ordered directly from your gallery and the link can be easily shared with friends and family.  Highlight films are uploaded to Vimeo and made viewable through direct link.  Films, RAW footage compilations and long form video edits deliverable by USB drive.   

How long have you been shooting?

My obsession with cameras began as a little kid, but I fell in love with filmmaking and visual storytelling in college.  After graduating from Duquesne University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I spent two years in WV working in TV news, anchoring, reporting, producing, shooting and editing all of my own stories.  In 2016, I moved home to Pittsburgh and started my own business.  Since then, I’ve documented 85 weddings!  Now, I produce a podcast, run a mentorship program, shoot for businesses and nonprofits like the Pittsburgh Promise on a regular basis and recently opened my own studio and event space!

When can we expect a final product?

I spend hours in post-production curating thoughtful, intentional and quality work for each and every one of my clients.  I edit in chronological order, which means that in my busy season, I’ll have several projects in the que, waiting their turn for the love and care they deserve.  Wedding deliverables can take up to 6 months.  Portrait Sessions are delivered in 4-6 weeks.  Quicker turnaround times are available upon request for an additional fee. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Can I host an event in your studio space?

YES!!! We’d love to host you and your guests! It’s the perfect spot for wedding weekends and bridal party preparations!  I’ve got tables, chairs, glassware and place settings to host showers, bachelorette parties or intimate elopements.   We could even plan an elaborate proposal or a surprise engagement party!  Just reach out and I’ll get back to you ASAP with the next steps!

Shannon is an exemplary professional to work with for any photography and videography needs. She makes the entire process so easy and seamless. Shannon is a vibrant, caring, helpful, and fun person who is an absolute pleasure to work with for a wedding or any event/milestone.

During one of the most stressful events a couple could possibly go through together, Shannon’s care and helpful attitude was insurmountable. The quality of the product Shannon is able to produce with her team is excellent and any couple would be proud to have her cover their wedding.

Shannon also provided us with engagement photo-shoot and those pictures turned out iconic! There is nothing too big or creative for Shannon to take on. I am confident that for any of your photography or videography needs Shannon will make excellent work of it! We have absolutely loved working with Shannon and I would recommend her services to anyone!!! What an absolute gem!

Christopher Marx