My name is Shannon and I use the art of sound and imagery to design meaningful stories that evoke emotion and inspire action. 

I am here to let you know that you are worthy of a big life!!

I’m called to encourage others to embrace their unique gifts, to pursue their wildest dreams with reckless abandon, and to have faith that when we follow our hearts, the universe will be there to catch us if we fall.  

I believe that when we act intuitively and intentionally with others in mind, we’ve got a chance to make a difference in the world.  

A little more about me….

I’m a Pittsburgh, PA native. Positive vibes are my jam! Mornings for me begin with hot lemon water, my journal and a yoga practice followed by an inspiring podcast to get me going.  When I’m not out shooting or collaborating, I spend hours and hours in my home office, editing films, retouching photos, talking to my house plants and dreaming up creative content.

I cherish time spent with friends and family and am deeply grateful to have so many supportive and loving people in my corner.  

After all, what is life without a community to share it with?  

I’m engaged to a man who loves me for me and brings out the loveliest parts of my soul. He does the grocery shopping, cooks me healthy meals so that I don’t eat Ramen noodles more than two days a week and even does the dishes!

He’s opened up my mind to new ideas and makes me a better person every single day. We love hosting parties and spending weekends at the lake.

Meet Alex!

My other half. A better partner than I could ever have dreamt up for myself! These days, we spend most of our time together.

He’s a Senior Accountant at Crown Castle, he runs his own financial consulting business and he’s the CFO of Shannon Chavez Production.

He’s taught me how to budget! Not just in my finances, but in all aspects of my life. He supports my dreams, he’s always ready to invest in my ideas and I couldn’t run a successful business or do life without him!


  1. Hi! I am getting married 9/22/18 in Beaver PA at beaver station. I heard about you from Alex Barone, she works with me at Children’s! If you’re available I’d like to see your pricing and hear more about it.
    Thank you!

  2. Looking for more info on videography and to see if you have an availability for September 22nd 2018. Thx!

  3. Hello Shannon
    I am looking for info on your videography services. My wedding is May 9th, 2020. Thank you!

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