Photo Booth

Open Air Selfie Booth

Have you ever been to a party, looking good as Hell, all dressed up for the first time in who knows how long, and there’s no one around to document the moment?!

Or you finally find someone at the next table who’s willing to snap a photo and when they hand you your phone back, all they got was one blurry shot of you with your eyes closed and your favorite shoes cut out?!

I know the feeling and it’s the worst!!

Stop asking unreliable friends to take your photo and book my selfie booth for your next party or event!

It’s sleek design fits into any space or theme and can be used with a backdrop or simply on it’s own!

The photobombs are always amazing when they party is happening in the background and the best part it, you can have the photos sent directly to your phone in an email or a text!

Plus, all of the photos will go straight to a live gallery for save keeping and 24/7 viewing. Who needs prints these days?! Let’s save the environment!!!