S2 EP 01: My Secret to Lasting Happiness

Light Up Podcast with Shannon Chavez
Light Up Podcast with Shannon Chavez
S2 EP 01: My Secret to Lasting Happiness


Welcome back to the Light Up podcast!

In episode one of this brand new season of Light Up, I’m talking all about what it took to get the podcast back up and running and I’m giving you a look into the future of the show!!!

When I started this show last Summer, I had some extra time on my hands!  We were quarantining at home. I had a clear calendar due to about a dozen cancelled weddings that I was set to film or photograph (including my own) and I had this unshakable desire to start a podcast.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I went for it and I had three awesome episodes out into the universe in about six weeks time!

Looking back, even with all the extra time I had then, I’m still not sure how I got it started so quickly and how exactly, it’s taken me 9-months to get this thing going again, but a lot has happened since then and it’s taken a lot of work to get to the place I’m in today-feeling ready and prepared to show up for you every single week with some really powerful content!!

In this new season of Light Up, I’m talking to happy people about what it is that Lights them up and how embracing their unique gifts and pursuing their passions has brought them peace, joy, and abundance!!! 

But, before we jump back into powerful conversations with my mentors, coaches and friends, I had to take this opportunity to share the steps I’ve taken this year to get organized in my life and business and I’m sending some love to all the people who’ve helped me along the way!

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