Light Up Episode 01 | Finding Purpose + Pursuing It with Shannon Chavez

We as human beings have the power to design the lives that we want for ourselves. 

We simply have to intend it!  

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I believe that the only things holding us back from achieving our wildest dreams, are the mental blocks that we create for ourselves.  

In this first episode of LIGHT UP, I’ll walk you through the practices that I’m using in my daily life to help me tap into my intuition and lead a more purpose driven and fulfilling life.

We have the power to manifest the exact lives that we want for ourselves through the power of positive thought, creative visualization and the pursuit of our passions.

There’s infinite potential in putting our thoughts and our ideas and our goals out into the world.  Like attracts like!! It’s the law of attraction!  

Basically, our thoughts are like tiny little waves shooting out into the universe.  Those waves will attract like particles and in turn, manifest the things we’re thinking about into our lives.

When we share our ideas with others and we turn those thoughts into written or spoken words, we’re able to harness and enhance our creative power, but in order to have control over our thoughts, we must first have control over our emotions.

If we’re feeling sad, or angry, or anxious over the past or our future, we’re fogging up our sight of the opportunities that are unfolding right in front of us!!!

I’ve learned it’s okay to say no.  I’ve learned that in order to make room in my life for the good stuff, I’ve got to clear out the things that are no longer serving me.  When we slow down,  we will start to notice the RIGHT opportunities when they come along and we’ll be ready to seize the moment!

It’s that gut feeling that something is right or wrong! When we’re trusting our instincts, we’re in sync with the natural rhythms of the universe and we’ll know exactly how to respond in any situation, without the added stress that comes with overthinking a choice or decision.  

Living more intentionally and intuitively has helped me to find my  purpose. I want to share some of the techniques that I’m using to make the most of the space in my life in hopes that maybe some of the things that are working for me might work for you too!! 

So I’ve come up with eight ways that you can begin living more intentionally and intuitively on a daily basis!!

1. Practice gratitude – recognize the good in your life and focus on it.  Give thanks for it.  Express thanks to the people in your life who are serving you!  Being grateful helps us to shift our attention away from the negative and over to the positive, helping us to feel present and at ease in any given moment. 

2. Take care of yourself – when we’re feeling rundown, we must make time to rest and recover.  Give yourself a break and you’ll move forward feeling energized and refreshed. Catch up on sleep, meditate, journal, practice yoga or read a book for pleasure!

3. Connect– Surround yourself with people who make you the happiest!  Keep up with leaders and role models who inspire you!! Reach out to people who light you up and who encourage you to be the best version of yourself and tell them how much they mean to you.  Suggest a collaboration! Ask if there’s something you could do to help them!  Offer yourself as a resource!!

4. Pursue your happiness – when we pursue the things that make us happy,  the things that light us up with energy and excitement, we are on track with the natural rhythms of the universe.  It’s much easier to stay present when we’re feeling fulfilled and inspired.  It’s easier to figure out what we want out of life, when we can see clearly the things that make us feel good versus the things that make us feel bad.  After all, that’s the whole point right?  To be happy!!

5. Get creative – You don’t have to be an artist to pursue creative ideas or projects. Use your imagination and set aside time to create or appreciate art.   If you enjoy drawing or painting or playing music, make time for it!!  Maybe your bedroom needs a makeover and you could design and creating a new, aesthetically pleasing space. Maybe you plant a garden or you take a dance class or a cooking class just for fun.  Craft a new recipe and bake for friends!! Go to a concert and dance and sing. Feel the music and let go!  

6. Get organized – when we’re neat and organized, we are free from anxiety and distraction. Create workflows and build a routine!!! When there’s a method to the madness, there’s less to think about, allowing us to move through life effortlessly, freely and naturally with less time wasted on tough decision making.  Incorporating daily practices into your routine and sticking to them gives you a way to manage and maximize your time.  Create an opening for a blessing by clearing out anything that’s not serving you!

7.  Get comfortable with silence –  Our intuition is constantly speaking to us, but often we are too busy or too distracted to notice. Challenge yourself to turn off the TV.  Get out of the habit of playing music while you’re out on a walk or when you’re driving.  Schedule time to be still and to let your mind wander.  Be open to what comes to you.  Rid of your mind of the mental clutter and make way for your intuition!

8. Make a mess, clean up later – there’s so much value in taking action when inspiration strikes!! When you’re feeling called to do something, DON’T HESITATE! There’s no better time than the present!! Choose to act on those gut instincts.  Let go of the fear of failure, the fear of making mistakes and embrace the uncertainty of a new opportunity!  There’s always going to be a chance to go back and revaluate.  Every success story has got to start somewhere!!

Daily affirmations are another powerful tool I’ve used to help me stay present and check in with my mindset!

Affirmations must be stated in the present tense!!!!  We must believe that we’ve already accomplished whatever it is we’re shooting for.  

Rather than saying… “Someday, I hope to have a studio that I can use for photoshoots and to rent out to other photographers who might need it.” you’d say…. 

“I own a successful and highlight profitable creative work, meeting and event space that provides me and my family with fulfillment, financial security, freedom to enjoy life to the fullest and the ability to give back to the community.”

Try these daily affirmations

My heart is open, love pours in and out!! 

I follow my heart and trust that the universe is always guiding me!

Something wonderful is about to happen!

Today I will learn and grow! 

I am full of energy!  

I have the freedom to do anything I choose! 

I am limitless!

All is well in my world!

I encourage you to begin incorporating these practices into your life! 

Start by taking time to sit and reflect on what it is that truly makes you happy and write down a few ways that you can begin making more time for those things. 

I also encourage you to write down some of the things in your life that might be holding you back from leading the most beautiful and fulfilling life you can imagine.  What’s eating up your time and energy?  What’s making you feel tired and rundown?  What’s not serving you?!!  

Once you can take a look at that list, you’ll start to see ways that you can remove some of that negative clutter from your day to day life and start making room for the good stuff!!! Start making time for the things that make you happiest!!! That leave you feeling energized and fulfilled!!!

Fill your cup every single day!!