Light Up Episode 02 | Dream Chasing + Goal Crushing with Brittany Pent

Light Up Podcast – Season 1: Episode 2 with Brittany Pent

“Your dream has to be so big you could cry about it. If you are doing all the right things leading up to it, it’s going to happen for you. Your time will come.”

Meet Brittany Pent, a professional dancer whose passion for performance and instruction has taken her all over the world. Today, she’s gracefully navigating the virtual challenges of the pandemic, building a community of driven women through her online hair-care business, and starting every day with her goals at the forefront (and on post-it notes)!

In our conversation, Brittany shares her best advice for living an intentional life:

  • Start the day by reflecting on what you’re grateful for and what you want to accomplish, and pop on a podcast or two!
  • Thriving in a global pandemic is tough, but with a positive attitude, you can keep doing what you love in new and exciting ways.
  • That dream that scares the crap out of you? Go for it. Choose it and chip away at it every day.
  • The right side hustle can support you on your path to success and connect you with a community of like-minded doers.
  • When you’re intentional about your work, you’ll find yourself having fun in equal measure!
  • Say “Yes!” to a partner who says “Yes!” to your dreams.
  • Bad day? Alexa, play anything by Lizzo.

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Instagram: @BrittPent

Listen now: Brittany’s energy is absolutely magnetic, and I know her enthusiasm for life will light your day on fire! Start today with a cup of coffee, a journal, and Episode 2 of Light Up.