Light Up Season 2: Episode 01 | My Secret to Lasting Happiness

Light Up Podcast on Spotify – Season 2: Episode 3 – The Secret to Lasting Happiness with your host, Shannon Chavez


Welcome back to the Light Up Podcast with Shannon Chavez!

In episode one of this brand new season of Light Up, I’m talking all about what it took to get the show back up and running and I’m giving you a look into the future of the Podcast!!!

In these new episodes, I’m talking to happy people about what it is that lights them up and how embracing their unique gifts and pursuing their passions has brought them peace, joy, and abundance!!! 

But, before we jump back into powerful conversations with my mentors, coaches, and loved ones, I had to take this opportunity to share the steps I’ve taken this year to get organized in my life and business and I’m sending some love to all the people who’ve helped me along the way!

  1. I’ve taken time to slow down, reflect and reconnect with my intuition!
  2. I’ve created more freedom in my day-to-day life by letting go of energy-draining tasks!
    • Honeybook – the client management system I use to stay in touch with my customers and get paid! There’s so many ways to automate my workflows and systems and it’s certainly taken some time to set up, but now that it’s done, I’m spending significantly less time in my inbox and I’m no longer worried about missing an important step! Click this link to try Honeybook for free today, then get 20 percent off when you sign up!
    • I hired Anna Forte with The Spritz Project to help me create custom email templates and thoughtful surveys so that each and every one of my clients is getting the same, seamless experience from start to finish! (Stay tuned for a full episode of Light Up with Anna coming Monday, May 3rd!
    • I hired an attorney to redo my contracts!! Heather Harmon Kenedy has massively improved my workflow by creating a master service agreement and several addendums to supplement that agreement for different situations!!
    • Flodesk – I’m obsessed with this program that allows me to create, schedule, and send beautifully designed emails to my entire contact list or to specific, targeted segments!! Use my link to try it out for half off!!
    • Planoly – The app I use to plan and schedule Instagram posts!! Use my link to try it!!
    • Canva – the app I use to create branded graphics for my email list, blog and social media posts! Use my link to try it!
    • I brought on three amazing interns!!!
      • Emily Kostelnik is my brand manager and blogger!! She handle my social media, she creates branded graphics, she’s integrating my Honeybook and Flodesk to work together and she’s using her natural gifts and background in business and marketing to build systems in my business that are going to save me so much time and stress!!
      • Sydney Martin is my podcast editor and assistant videographer!!! She’ll be editing the episodes, creating resourceful and educational show notes every week! She’s also got a passion for philanthropy and will be helping me to run a mentorship with our partner, the Pittsburgh Promise!
      • Noor Metwalli is my assistant photographer!! She’s been helping me out before, during and after photoshoots to prepare the studio space and stay on track during busy wedding days and chaotic family sessions! She’s also designing some beautiful artwork for promotional and fundraising materials!
  3. I’ve spent the year studying and learning ways to improve myself and my business through podcasts, courses and masterminds!
    • The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher (I also loved Jenna’s Instagram Lab and Content Lab!)
    • I worked with my business coach Danielle Slagel in a 5-week group coaching course and then a three-month-long mastermind with both group and one-on-one sessions!
    • I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy!! So far, I’ve done one RTT session with my mindset coach and therapist, Amy Walsh and I can’t wait to go back soon to dive into some energy healing! (Amy will be on the show talking all things mindset and manifestation this season!! Her episode airs 4.26.21!)
    • I joined the Inspired Life Collective with my newfound soul sister Eva Lin Douglas!! Her wisdom and leadership during a 6-week mastermind at the start of 2021 gave me the clarity I needed to move forward into the new year with the right mindset!! She’s changed my life and I’m so excited to have an hour to connect with her during an upcoming episode of Light Up airing Monday, May 10!
  4. I’ve created passive forms of income to supplement my life and business so that I’m able to spend less time working and more time on the things that matter!!!

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Listen now: I’ve finally found my voice! tune in for a look back at year one of my podcasting journey! It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been so freaking worth it!

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