Dreams really do come true!

When my fiancé / accountant Alex sent me the listing for a house in Mt. Washington addressed 412 Eureka Street, I took it as a sign.

If you’re from Pittsburgh, you know that 412 is our area code here and the word “eureka” had me feeling as if I’d just discovered something spectacular!!! 💡

We’d been talking for years about ways to grow my business and to generate some passive income as a means to free up some time in my busy schedule and the next logical step was to secure a studio space to use for photoshoots.

We booked a tour at 412 Eureka with our amazing friend and realtor, Emily Caudill. It was the first day of a “staycation” we’d planned in place of our cancelled honeymoon back in July, 2020 when the world shutdown due to COVID-19.

My intuition spoke loud and clear the moment we walked through the door and I knew instantly that it was meant to be. We put an offer in that day, and by the end of August, I had the keys to my very own creative workspace.

After a ton of work to renovate our new space with boudoir photography in mind, what began as my studio had transformed into a gorgeous, bright and airy two bedroom, boutique style hotel of sorts. So, a year later, I listed Eureka on Airbnb and in just 5 days time, had 7 weekend reservations!

Funny enough, Alex and I had been dreaming of one day, opening a bed and breakfast in our retirement. 25 years or so earlier than planned, but magically enough, it feels like perfect timing. In my favorite book, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho writes “When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

There’s certainly been a higher power at work throughout this entire experience. How else could one explain something so miraculous? I hope you’ll come and experience the magic for yourself!