Manifest Your Dream Life with my Lasting Happiness Workshop

I'm Shannon Chavez and it's my mission to help you find purpose in your passions, unlock your highest potential, and manifest your dream life through the power of positive thinking and creative visualization. I'm confident that if you follow the steps I've mapped out in my 8-step Lasting Happiness Workshop, you'll be ready to step into your power and manifest a full and happy life for yourself.

Pivoting | 3 MAJOR turning points in my life that changed everything!

1.  A leap of faith.... I was two years out of college, 50k deep in student loan debt, 32,000 hours into my broadcasting career with no benefits, no vacation days and very little happiness in my job when I'd finally built up the courage to abandon the news industry and pursue something different.  Something fulfilling!   [...]

Honey Tans Pgh | Creative Branding Session

When Colleen reached out to me to book a Creative Branding Session for her new mobile, organic spray tanning business... I screamed from the rooftops with excitement!  Excitement for her and excitement for Pittsburgh, because this city could totally use a service like this! I was thrilled for this opportunity to work with two super [...]