Honey Tans Pgh | Creative Branding Session

When Colleen reached out to me to book a Creative Branding Session for her new mobile, organic spray tanning business... I screamed from the rooftops with excitement!  Excitement for her and excitement for Pittsburgh, because this city could totally use a service like this! I was thrilled for this opportunity to work with two super [...]

02: Dream Chasing and Goal Crushing with Brittany Pent

https://open.spotify.com/episode/24rpuUKgwDM9l3zFeCc15A?si=YOHy-ePCSDCzhybocgqUwA In this episode of Light Up, Brittany Pent offers up her secrets to success and shares the driving force that keeps her moving forward, even when the going gets tough.  Brittany is a professional dancer from Cheswick, PA who travels the world performing, auditioning, teaching and judging competitions. More than a decade ago, I met [...]