Pivoting | 3 MAJOR turning points in my life that changed everything!

1.  A leap of faith.... I was two years out of college, 50k deep in student loan debt, 32,000 hours into my broadcasting career with no benefits, no vacation days and very little happiness in my job when I'd finally built up the courage to abandon the news industry and pursue something different.  Something fulfilling!   [...]

03: Education, Community and Equality with Michael Warren

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7uHRrba0UzJap4iSGAfR3w?si=WzKJ5aBzSFGlPudyz2qH7w Michael Warren, a foster kid who faced unimaginable obstacles throughout his youth, beat the odds in life. In this episode of Light Up, he shares the experiences that lit the fire beneath his passion for social justice, he talks about his calling to listen, serve, educate and love ALL people, especially disadvantaged kids and [...]

02: Dream Chasing and Goal Crushing with Brittany Pent

https://open.spotify.com/episode/24rpuUKgwDM9l3zFeCc15A?si=YOHy-ePCSDCzhybocgqUwA In this episode of Light Up, Brittany Pent offers up her secrets to success and shares the driving force that keeps her moving forward, even when the going gets tough.  Brittany is a professional dancer from Cheswick, PA who travels the world performing, auditioning, teaching and judging competitions. More than a decade ago, I met [...]