Hiring Shannon as our wedding videographer was one of the best decisions that we made for our wedding day! She is so easy going and has such a fun, loving personality, it was instantly like we were old friends.

Initially, we weren’t sure that we were going to even get a videographer (which, in hindsight, would’ve been a huge mistake), so we hired Shannon on extremely late in the process. Even with us contacting her in such short notice, she made sure that everything we wanted filmed for our wedding day happened. She even showed up early to the venue when she found out we were doing a first look, just to make sure she was there to capture that moment. I think it speaks volumes to how much Shannon cares about her work and her clients that she would come early to make sure she captured such a special moment for us. Our first look was single-handedly my favorite and most treasured memory of the day, and it’s so comforting to know that we have it on video to watch for the rest of our lives – all thanks to Shannon and her willingness to make every wedding couple she works with as happy as possible!

Not only do we have the first look on video, but we have all the important moments from the entire day on our video as well as in the RAW footage provided by Shannon, which was a huge added plus for us! We love looking back on all the moments that we didn’t get to see for one reason or another. We’ve watched our wedding video countless times since receiving it from Shannon and I know it will be one of our most treasured possessions for the rest of our lives.

We have been recommending Shannon to all our engaged friends, so much so that two of them have already booked her for their local and distant weddings, and we will continue to praise her to everyone that we know who is getting married!

We cannot thank Shannon enough for all her hard work and for turning our wedding day into a beautiful movie that we can relive over and over again!”

– Nikki Jones

“Shannon captured our wedding day beyond what I could have ever imagined! Would highly recommend her for your special day.”

-Sarah Gartland

“Shannon did so well working with our little one ! It was such a great experience for his first little Photo shoot!!”

– Amanda Lynch

“Planning a wedding is an endeavor that involves so many important vendors, working in sync to help contribute to a memorable day. Reflecting back on the day reminds us of one with which we were exceedingly pleased, and that was our videographer, Shannon Chavez. Quite honestly, we wouldn’t be able to reflect back as deeply without her phenomenal work.

We had already booked our photography when we were connected with Shannon, but having seen some of her recent work, we’re nothing short of amazed, and have sung her praises to any and every newly engaged couple we know. Further down the road, should our family be fortunate enough to grow, we can’t think of a better person to take family pictures. We really wish we had her to do BOTH our photos and videos!

Specifically speaking to her work on our special day, Shannon was just breaking into the business of photo and video. However, her professionalism and attentiveness immediately shined through. On the wedding day, Shannon’s tremendous energy allowed her to capture so many moments that we otherwise might have missed. It can be a challenge to round up family and friends for the perfect shots. Shannon is able to both politely and assertively “direct traffic” to make sure no photo or video op is missed. She also has an impeccable eye for details — every bit of the day was included, from getting ready, to guests arriving, to all the toasts and speeches, and every amazing moment in between. Not to be forgotten are Shannon’s assistants, who contribute greatly to her awesome work.

Photos and videos are seriously one of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding. The day goes so quick, even those with the best memories or most observant eyes are going to miss a lot. When we received our video, we were in such awe of the amazing work Shannon did. She was able to distill so much into our highlight reel, and capture all of the raw emotion of the day. We have watched our video dozens of times, and will cherish it for years to come. Every time, we still get tears in our eyes, and huge smiles on our faces.

The joy of us choosing Shannon was twofold. Obviously, we were overjoyed with her work, which speaks for itself. But Shannon herself is truly a joy to be around. She is such a kind, genuine person, with a radiant personality and unmatched drive. We were acquaintances when we booked her, but count her as a friend having worked closely with her. It’s been such a treat to watch her portfolio grow, and it was our honor to be one of her first weddings. We can’t thank her enough.”

– Anne and Adam Kauffman

“Shannon has beyond exceeded all of our expectations with our wedding video! Besides being the nicest and sweetest person to work with, she is an absolutely phenomenal videographer! Our wedding day was the most special time in our life and Shannon was able to capture every single sweet, funny, emotional, and important moment that day. Because of Shannon and her awesome effort and work, we are able to relive our wedding day, and I will forever be thankful for that!”

-Alyssa Breisinger

“I run a mobile DJ/Wedding Production company and I had the chance to work with Shannon this past weekend. I was so blown away by her professionalism. She was so easy to work with and was always in tune with what was going on. Also her work is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a videographer!”

-Brent Labarko (DJ Jack Labarko Inc.)

“Shannon Chavez has taken great pictures at a few of my events, including birthday parties and holidays. She captures the perfect moments and is very easy to work with. Highly recommend.”

– Shelby Alek