Bringing out the best in you!

Shining light on your God given gifts.

Encouraging you to make the most of the space in your life!



We as human beings have the power to design the lives that we want for ourselves.  We just have to intend it!  I believe that the only things holding us back from achieving our wildest dreams, are the mental blocks that we create for ourselves.  

When we pursue the things that we love and when we start believing that we have the freedom to do absolutely anything we choose, we will begin to see opportunities pop up in our lives that we may have missed when we were distracted by the negativity and the stress and the hard work that’s been fogging up our vision.  

When we feel our best, we vibrate at a higher frequency. When we vibrate at that higher frequency, we attract more good energy into our daily lives. When we really start to think about what we want, when we figure out what’s driving us, we can begin to live each moment with more purpose and intentionality.

There’s unlimited potential in that!!

Your feelings are your intuition!! Pursue the things that LIGHT YOU UP! Intentionally design the space in your life to make room for the good stuff! Create an opening for a blessing by clearing out anything that’s not serving you.

What is calling you?


Dreams really do come true!

When my fiancé / accountant Alex sent me the listing for this house in Mt. Washington addressed 412 Eureka Street, I took it as a sign.

If you’re from Pittsburgh, you know that 412 is our area code here and the word “eureka” had me feeling as if I’d just discovered something spectacular!!! 💡

We booked a tour with our amazing friend and realtor, Emily Caudil and she got us in right away.

It was the first day of a “staycation” we planned in place of our cancelled honeymoon back in July. Who knew so much good would come of this Covid mess?!

My intuition spoke loud and clear the moment we walked through the door and I knew instantly that it was meant to be. We put an offer in that day, and by the end of August, Alex and I had the keys to our second home.

It happened fast, but I felt in my gut that we’d made the right decision.

The space is ready for boudoir photography and lifestyle sessions as well as hourly rental for fellow creatives.

In the new year, doors open for overnight stays and intimate events!!! Follow @eurekastudiopgh on Instagram for the latest news and giveaways!