Cultivating creativity one courageous act of love at a time.

It’s no coincidence that you’re here. The stars have aligned and the Universe has brought us together for a reason! I’ve got tons of manifestation stories to share with you later, but for now, let’s get to know each other… 

Hi, I’m Shannon!

Thank you so much for being here! I founded Shannon Chavez Production in 2016 with a simple goal: to tell positively uplifting stories.  My dream has evolved since then, but it’s still pretty simple: I aspire to spread love. 

I find I feel most creative and aligned with my life’s purpose when I’m pursuing my passions, chasing my curiosities, learning new things, and giving back to my community. 

It also helps to be surrounded by people who inspire me! There’s nothing that lights me up like connecting with creatives and working with purpose-driven individuals towards a shared goal.

When I’m connected to my true self, I’m best able to serve others.

Dare to live greatly… 

I believe that vulnerability is the source of creativity.

It’s not always easy putting myself out there, but I know that reaching my full creative potential requires opening myself up to the risk of judgment. The risk of failure. 

I strive to show up as myself, bravely choosing to look fear in the face and say, “I’m going for it anyway!”

At the end of the day, all I really know for sure is that sharing my gifts with the world feels good, so that’s what I strive to do.


A little more about me…

There’s no easy way to sum up all of the hats I wear as a multi-passionate entrepreneur but simply put, I use my gifts and creative passions to tell meaningful stories that light people up.

Adjectives people generally use to describe me are bubbly, eccentric, fun, nice, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, friendly, a ray of sunshine, a little “out there.” lol I could go on and on, but I’m pretty sure you get the picture. My friends and clients tell me that I’ve got a knack for bringing out the best in them.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m not afraid to be myself around new people. My playful energy and positive attitude give me the ability to lift people up and ultimately, make them feel confident and at ease in front of my camera.   

When I’m not out shooting or running one of my businesses, I’m home in PJs, curled up with a good book, tuned into a podcast, practicing yoga, doing manifestation spells or mapping out my next big idea with a mentor over Zoom. I live and breathe for late-night dance parties, trips to the farmers market, and home-cooked meals with my husband Alex (especially when it’s his turn to do the dishes!)  We live in Dormont, the sweetest little Pittsburgh neighborhood, and by the time yinz are reading this, we’ll FINALLY be married after postponing our wedding a year due to COVID.

Wondering how I got here?

My obsession with cameras began as a little kid, but I fell in love with filmmaking and storytelling in college.  I graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and tons of connections from my internships with the Pittsburgh Penguins and KDKA-TV.  Right out of school, I spent two years in small-town West Virginia working as the morning anchor, reporter, and producer for WDTV Channel 5 News.

I quickly realized that the “Dream Job” I’d landed wasn’t quite as glamorous or fulfilling as I’d imagined, so in March of 2016, I took a leap of faith and moved home to the city with a mission: to be happy.  

I feel we cannot continue on without a shout-out to a key player in manifesting this mission: My camera! 

For the sake of full disclosure: although I grew up with a camera in my hand, I couldn’t tell you the difference between mirrorless and DSLR, or even how a camera actually works. But I have learned how to use my camera in ways that have transformed my life and brought so much value to others — probably more so than I ever could have done had I formally learned all the technical stuff! 

Sometimes it feels like I still have no clue what I’m doing, but one thing is for sure; following my curiosities and passions fills my cup and when I’m fulfilled, I’m able to serve.

Meet, Alex! My other half. A better partner than I could ever have dreamt up for myself!

He’s taught me how to budget! Not just in my finances, but in all aspects of my life. He supports my dreams, he’s always ready to invest in my ideas and I couldn’t run a successful business or do life without him!

He’s opened up my mind to new ideas and makes me a better person every single day. We love hosting parties and spending weekends at the lake.


Hi, I’m Shannon!!

I believe that each and every one of us is born with a purpose. When we find that uniquely special thing we have to offer, we should share it with our people! We’re a part of something a whole lot bigger than ourselves and when we work together with the greater good in mind, we’ve got a chance to make a difference in the world. 

So, why choose Shannon Chavez Production?

It’s my mission to provide you with an exceptional experience from start to finish.  I take pride in my desire and ability to build lasting relationships with my clients and the vendors I work with on a regular basis. When you work with me you can expect to feel heard, valued, and appreciated.  

When choosing a second shooter for your project, I bring along the kind of people I know you’re going to like having around. Yes, my second shooters have amazing credentials, but most importantly, they’re good people and I trust that they’re going to provide you with the same care and respect that you’ll receive from me. 

I have a superstar team of specialists to help me move your deliverables through the queue as quickly as possible while maintaining thoughtful, intentional, and quality work. Outsourcing a portion of my editing with private contractors allows me to spend my time doing what I do best: making connections, conjuring up creative ideas, telling stories, lifting you up and helping you to feel fully present in the most cherished times of your life.

While technical skills and an eye for lighting are important, it’s the following qualities that I’ve found most invaluable as a filmmaker and photographer. 

  • Intention
  • Intuition
  • Everybody feeling at ease! 

With more than 100 weddings and nearly a decade of production experience under my belt, I’ve learned what people value most. It turns out, it’s not the cinematic drone shots or the emotional instrumental music that takes me days to choose, (although they appreciate those things too.)

It’s the RAW, natural, candid moments that bring them to tears. The in-between stuff.  

*The voices of their loved ones.  

*The unexpected rainstorms.  

*The words of advice from their grandparents. 

*The pink sunsets and the dance circles.  

*The roll on the floor laughing kinds of stories their siblings spill in front of everyone! 

I set out to document this kind of magic. The kind that will ultimately lay the foundation for your film.

“It’s in the ordinary moments that we find the extraordinary.”

Shannon is an exemplary professional to work with for any photography and videography needs. She makes the entire process so easy and seamless. Shannon is a vibrant, caring, helpful, and fun person who is an absolute pleasure to work with for a wedding or any event/milestone.

During one of the most stressful events a couple could possibly go through together, Shannon’s care and helpful attitude was insurmountable. The quality of the product Shannon is able to produce with her team is excellent and any couple would be proud to have her cover their wedding.

Shannon also provided us with engagement photo-shoot and those pictures turned out iconic! There is nothing too big or creative for Shannon to take on. I am confident that for any of your photography or videography needs Shannon will make excellent work of it! We have absolutely loved working with Shannon and I would recommend her services to anyone!!! What an absolute gem!

Christopher Marx


You’re in the right place if…

*You’re engaged and looking for a videographer for your upcoming nuptials. (Congrats by the way!!) 

*You’re in love and planning to pop the question sometime soon! 

*You’re a bride thinking about gifting her fiance a boudoir book. 

*You’re sexy and you know it!  You don’t need an excuse to pose for the camera!  

*You’re a fun-loving couple in need of a romantic date night (and maybe a few new photos for the ‘Gram.)

*Your family is growing and you want a way to capture all the sweet little moments.

*You’re an expecting mama (aka GODDESS!) who wants to honor her body and document her pregnancy.  

*You’re a creative entrepreneur in need of beautifully branded content. 

*You’re planning a party and your guests would love our Selfie Booth! 

*You could use a confidence boost! (Hey, I’m Shan! I’ll be your hype girl any day!!)

Newborns, Nuptials, Proposals, and everything in between.

Love is my specialty! 

Weddings give us a reason to document, but why stop there when there’s so much to celebrate?

No matter what’s happening in your life at the moment, you’ve got a story to tell: a legacy.

So, how do you want to be remembered? 

On my wedding day, my mom and I danced to the classic “I hope you dance” by Lee Ann Womack. It’s been our song since before I can remember.  She even had a friend of mine perform it as a surprise gift at my bridal shower. 

The chorus goes like this… 

“I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens. Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

My mom has always encouraged me to live a full life with an open heart and it’s her legacy that I want to pass along to the next generation. Won’t you dance with me?

Hear it from our clients:

“Initially, we weren’t sure that we were going to even get a videographer (which, in hindsight, would’ve been a huge mistake), so we hired Shannon on extremely late in the process. Even with us contacting her in such short notice, she made sure that everything we wanted filmed for our wedding day happened. She even showed up early to the venue when she found out we were doing a first look, just to make sure she was there to capture that moment. I think it speaks volumes to how much Shannon cares about her work and her clients that she would come early to make sure she captured such a special moment for us. Our first look was single-handedly my favorite and most treasured memory of the day, and it’s so comforting to know that we have it on video to watch for the rest of our lives – all thanks to Shannon and her willingness to make every wedding couple she works with as happy as possible!” -Nikki Jones

Couples typically invest $5,000 – $10,000 on their wedding day packages, but I’m happy to provide a custom quote based on your individual needs.  Click here to view my favorite films!

Film Packages include a second shooter, 60-second teaser, full-day home movie-style RAW cut,

drone footage (regulation permitting) and a USB drive including all final video files.


I am a true believer in telling your story in a way that’s meaningful to you!  Let’s spend a morning strolling through your favorite local farmers market or an evening building pillow forts and eating popcorn on your living room floor. Or… if you’re willing to trust me and you’re up for a little adventure, I’ll do all the planning and surprise you with an activity you’ll love! Better yet, I’ll help you surprise the person you love with the proposal or the date night of their dreams.  Brainstorming this kind of stuff together is going to be so much fun! Click here for a link to a full engagement gallery!


It’s my mission in life to help you recognize your worth and embrace your unique beauty!  You deserve to feel beautiful and perfect, just the way you are! Join me at Eureka Studio for a day of self-love and a major confidence boost or bring your sweetie along for a steamy couples session and treat yourselves to a date you’ll never forget! Hair and makeup, massages, overnight stays and keepsake albums available to add upon request! A bottle of champagne (or your favorite sparkling beverage) included with every session! If you love the space, have it for your entire wedding weekend!! It’s a two-bedroom home in Mt. Washington with a full kitchen, front porch and backyard space with access to tables and chairs for intimate events of up to 24 people and the lighting is amazing for photos of your bridal preparations! See my boudoir portfolio!


My favorite part about Salsa is that he’s not just a photo booth! He’s a video booth too!! You and your guests can take photos, capture boomerangs, and gifs, and record video messages up to 2 minutes long with a handy dandy Bluetooth microphone. PLUS, all the goods are uploaded on the spot to a live gallery for safe-keeping and 24/7 access! During the event, you and your guests can text or email the images to your phone or download them all at once the minute you get home. Imagine waking up the morning after your wedding and scrolling through the hilarious drunken messages from your friends and family before you even get out of bed!  Who needs prints?! Let’s save the environment!

Shannon has genuine happiness and joy for what she does. Even throughout Covid she worked with us on all of our changes and provided input to make our lives easier. As it got closer to our wedding on 10/24/2020, we went over every single detail to fit everything we wanted in our busy wedding day schedule. She nailed every single aspect and made a clear impact. A lot of our guests gave us compliments on her professionalism and enthusiasm. I highly recommend her for everything from general shoots to your big day! She is AMAZING!

Mike + Nicole Friedsam